Curing is an amazing thing... curious you might say. Fermentation is fascinating... and the future we hope.

Curing and fermenting are ancient techniques, known for millennia, for preserving foods by the action of salt or fermentation or a combination of both. Not only do these techniques preserve but they also change the raw materials, most often into something delicious and quite extraordinary.

Curious foods is about reviving these traditions in making food and to create interesting food for interested people. And it has started with SALAMI!

The archaic, traditional meaning for the word ‘curious’ is ‘made with care’. Curious Foods is also about the quality; we take care with the sourcing and treatment of what goes into the food as well as what it tastes like.

Are you Curious?
Any ideas for food that could be Curious?
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or the 'Contact' nav above and let's chat!  (if we could stick to salamis and air-dried stuff to begin with, it would help...).

We'll do our best to make it happen... although we have to say, that everything has limits... and legalities kick in at some point...
We'll let you know if it's beyond the pale and the luddites don't let us go play.

We'll try and put it to the vote too, so check out our Facebook page... or tweet us with #rucurious.

One previso; we can't guarantee that what's voted for will be made 'cos we've got to get it past the EHO and believe us, we make the best stuff so won't drop our standards... and we don't want to be sued, as that will put us out of business and we can't make the amazing stuff for you anymore... but we will try our best to do it.

Look forward to hearing from you!

The Curious 

As always, there's other stuff about what we're doing and ways to interact with us, out there on the old interweb.

Check out our Facebook page and let us know what you are thinking. We’ll try to start keeping it up to date whenever we’re up to stuff. You can also touch base with us through Twitter @kyooreeuhsfoods too.

We are trying to get some pages built so you can just order online but in the meantime just drop us a line to get hold of some, at or via the Contact page above.